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Cookie Policy

Cookies (or "cookies") are small files that are stored on your computer or mobile device by websites that you visit. Most sites use them to help users use the website. Some of the advantages of cookies are:

Save the language selected for viewing page
Save option chosen to make a reservation
Analysis of how the viewing side, so that you can improve it
The following list describes what cookies we use on our website, and how to use them.

Piwik Analytics

Name: _pk_ref
Objective: Identification, which site the user came to our site to help us learn which pages generate for us the most Internet traffic
Expires after 6 months

Piwik Analytics

Name: _pk_id
Objective: Avoid counting the same person twice when determining the number of people who visit our site
Expires after 2 years

Piwik Analytics

Name: _pk_ses
Objective: Tracing the session, ie. The time spent on our site
Expires after 30 minutes

BookingSuite, Inc.

Name: landing
Objective: Save from the pages of our website user started his view
Expires after: close your browser

BookingSuite, Inc.

Name: Promocode
Objective: Save a promotional code, if such is used in the URL when you open the page. We take note of this when using the booking engine to book a room at a better price.
Expires after: close your browser

Amazon Web Services

Objective: Distribution of traffic on different devices in order to provide all users with fast connection
Expires after 30 minutes

Go Daddy

Objective: Using the stamp of the page in order to prove that we are the domain owner
Expires after: close your browser
Most browsers provides users with some control over the management of cookies by adjusting your browser settings. For more information about cookies, including on what files have been used, as well as manage and delete them, visit or